Corinium GOLD I (4.2%)
Easy drinking, traditional golden ale…quaffable! 

Beer Anecdote: one of our three debut beers, Corinium Gold is based on Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, one of our favourites. It has always been our “go to” and most “naked” beer i.e. it’s not trying to be anything other than what it is and it’s proving to be our most popular.

Suggested food pairing: salads, cold meats, cheese, seafood, roasted flamingo.


Centurion STOUT II (4.7%) 
Light bodied stout with toasty chocolate undertones …yum! 

Beer Anecdote: once called Sylvia’s Stout, this was our first beer brewed on “Sylvia” our shiny new 80litre brew kit.  It later became Centurion Stout (or Stout Centurion!) and made up another of our three debut beers. 

Won the Cotswold Life Food & Drink Product of the Year Award 2013.

Suggested food pairing: shellfish, mature cheese, chocolate cake and puddings.


Ale Caesar IPA III (5%) 
Well hopped and fruity India Pale Ale …awesome! 

Beer Anecdote: Using hops we encountered first hand in the USA, this is a tribute to Snake Head Brewing Company and their Pako’s Eye PA and where the Corinium seed was first sown in 2011. Since its first brew it’s been a favourite and has held its ground in the hoppy arena. 

Awarded joint silver at the first Gloucester CAMRA Beer Festival in 2013 and bronze, Champion Beer of Britain, South West Region, Real Ale in a Bottle, CAMRA SW, 2013/14.

Suggested food pairing: spicy foods, roasts, mature cheese.


Bodicacia GOLDEN IV (4.7%) 
Fine and zesty all British hopped golden ale with spicy Challenger, zesty Admiral and lightly floral Boadicea…divine! 

Beer Ancedote: brewed in honour of local heritage this beer pays tribute to a unique Roman tombstone unearthed in Cirencester in 2015 by Cotswold Archaeology and now exhibited in the Corinium Museum. The tombstone inscription bears the beers’ name and the beer showcases some mighty fine UK hops.

Highly commended in the Cotswold Life Food & Drink Awards, Best Ale, Beer or Cider 2016

Suggested food pairing: warm or cold salads, light meats, larks' tongue frittata.

Plautus PALE ALE V (4.5%)

Fruity pale ale bursting with UK Jester hop that befits a highly esteemed Roman comedy playwright…punchy!

Beer Anecdote: we first encountered the new UK Jester hop in a pale ale at the Charles Faram Hop Harvest Open Day in 2015. Its’ gorgeous fruity grapefruit flavour and aroma blew us away and we couldn’t wait to get our brewing mitts on it.

Suggested food pairing: shellfish, sweet and savoury salads, light meats and tarts.