Our “doghouse doors” are open on Friday afternoons (3pm to 6pm) and the Saturday of the month (3pm to 6pm). 

We offer beer from the barrel, bottle, plus 2 pint carry outs. So if the sun is out you can catch some rays in the enclosed courtyard or find a cosy pew inside and enjoy a pint or two! 

* 2019 Saturday openings: 12th Jan; 9th Feb; 9th March; 13th April…


Pint £3.00
Half Pint £1.50
Soft Drinks £1.00
2 Pint carry-out carton £6.00

Bottled Beer
 £3.00 each or 4 for £10.00
   £28.00 a case of x12 bottles

    "Roman Collection" Gift Pack £10.00
    Corinium Ales T-Shirt £12.00
    Gift Pack & T-shirt £20.00

Pint size branded glass £4.00

Gift Vouchers (t&c apply) £10.00 each

Screw Top & Tap Barrels*
    9 litre (15 pints) £30.00 plus £10.00 returnable deposit
    23 litre (40 pints) £65.00 plus £15.00 returnable deposit

Tap & Spile Casks* (9 gallon firkin/72 pints)
    £106 to £118 (depends on beer strength) plus £25.00 returnable deposit

* Please note we are brewing pretty much to capacity most of the time so require at least six weeks notice for barrels and casks, thanks

There is no VAT to add as we are not currently VAT registered

TRADE Customers please contact us for trade prices

All our beers are bottle and cask conditioned. This process leaves a natural yeast sediment in the bottom of the vessel. Please add £10.00 to cask price if 'bright' beer is required.

All our bottled beer is vegetarian and vegan friendly. It is unfined (i.e. no fish finings), unfiltered and unpasteurised. We only use (fish) finings in our cask beer and very occasionally in our barrelled beer. Fish finings are a by product of the fishing industry but alternatives are being explored.